Monday, May 31, 2010

here goes

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Been studying a lot lately on world catastrophe. This morning I did a lot of reading on the earthquake in Haiti and the aftermath to the current, as well as watched a short vid on the Srebrenica massacre.

I have a difficult time with my family, because even though I don't think I am a bad person, they make me feel like a bad person. My lifestyle does not fall within their narrow outlook on what is 'good' in life (i.e. i am not a christian, i drink, i associate closely with a lot of unbelievers, i have readily visible tattoos, i am not chaste, etc). In all of this, I compare the reality of my life to their standards and always fall short, thus feeling like a sinful, evil waste. Am I one? Perhaps, if the Bible is true and God is the asshole it says he is. But even if I am a 'bad' person to God, why should I care? I don't even particularly like God at all.

I may drink a few times (or more) a week with friends, but I don't have GENOCIDES under my belt. I may have some tattoos on my arms, but I haven't neglected to prevent billions of people from suffering in natural and man-made disasters when I had the power to stop it...I may not be pure as snow, but I sure as hell haven't created a world in which people are condemned to eternal damnation if they don't worship me. So i feel pretty good that I'm not a bad being compared to God.

I feel bad compared to my family until I really examine our priorities.

from my perspective (which won't be entirely accurate), my parents' main priorities are (1) serving God (2) saving money for retirement (3) having a perfectly appearing family. They work jobs they don't enjoy, and they spend time maintaining a facade to their friends about how our family has it all together. (Little do they know this pursuit is at the expense of actually fostering a close, dynamic, strong family bond.)

in turn, my priorities are the following (not in order) - (1) forming strong relationships and bonds with a wide variety of people (2) taking advantage of as many opportunities as I can each day/saying yes to everything I can (3) pursuing a career that will make a global difference (4) living my life to the fullest potential and greatest good for those around me. ----(everything else is pretty much just sidenotes to this main worldview)

Whether or not anyone else agrees, I like my priorities more and have to focus on that when I come into contact with my parents. They have found a formula for life that works for them and I have found one that works for me. We are all adults. We can agree to disagree and no one should have the power to intimidate another...

sigh...this post is a product of my mental preparation for being with my family all next weekend.


joven said...

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joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine to,and be a follower..thanks and God bless..

Steven R. Cook said...
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Steven R. Cook said...


(1) Evil is natural to the universe and will continue forever without any hope of ever being resolved. Man has no one to blame but himself for his own dilema.
(2) Everything that exists is meaningless, as man becomes nothing more than the accidental collection of molecules over time, and in the end is of no greater value than a rock, a snake, or a worm on a hook.
(3) Since the uinverse exists by chance, then what is is right, and all arguments for right or wrong are lost.
(4) man becomes a cosmic joke, fighting for personal meaning and values in a universe that is ulitmately silent. Man observes the stars, but the stars observe nothing.

Though the problem of evil is great, and it is certianly valid to ask why God seems to let suffering go on; yet, there is an answer.

(1) God made man in His image, so he has value because it is imputed to him by his Creator.
(2) Man has a will, and God permits man to exercise it, even to do wrong. Evil exists only in connection with willful creatures, and to remove evil, God would have to remove all the creatures that manufacture it. Storms, droughts, and famines are not evil, they are simply the results of a fallen world that man has corrupted by his sin.
(3) Because God is righteous in all He does, there is a standard of right and wrong, and men can genuinely evaluate based on that standard. No God means no standard for right and wrong, and men are left with subjectivism.
(4) Evil is not eternal, but has a beginning and end according to Scripture. Before anything existed, there was only God, and He is good. Sin came into existence with the fall of Satan, and later Adam and Eve. Finally, sin and evil will be judged in the end, after God seperates the righteous from the wicked to their eternal state.

The solution.

The gospel is the solution to a problem. The problem is sin, and God has made a way for man to be spared from sin by turning to Jesus as Savior (1 Cor. 15:3-4). God cares for sinful men, and sent His Son to die as their subsitute, bearing the penalty of sin so they would not have to. By trusting in Christ as Savior, one is spared from eternal punishment. That salvation is offered to men is a sign of God's love toward them. Men who reject the gospel are assigned to the lake of fire, for God is righteous and cannot have anything to do with sin except to condemn it. There is a way to be saved, but men must accept the free gift of God (John 3:16; Acts 4:12; Ephesians 2:8-9; Galatians 2:16; Titus 3:5).

I'm not trying to pick an argument, but rather to answer some of the objections you raised in your thoughtful writings.

Hali Harrell said...
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Hali Harrell said...

So, funny thing. I stumbled onto your blog while sitting in my church making a video for a sermon my dad is doing. I don't really use my blogspot anymore(I like tumblr) But I thought you had some interesting posts. My brother thinks in a similar way that you do, and it always challenges me to live out what I say I believe. Therefore, I like reading your posts. Keep it up.

Juan said...

Hi, nice blog. I ran across it doing a google search for "romanian incurables" which I'd heard about because of the photographer's blog.

A few thoughts:

Most religious conservatives are the way they are due to fear. They are stalled at the level of emotional maturity which precedes acceptance of mortality. The belief in an eternal soul, that “you” continue after death is at the core of their delusion. They genuinely believe this, and questioning of the belief is cast from their minds because it is interpreted as ‘evil’.

Furthermore, they lack magnanimity of spirit, which causes them to be unable to imagine an ethical society without the ordering presence of an omniscient God. They behave like someone who only works when the boss can see them, or who would steal if they knew the store security cameras were pointing the other direction.

That having been said, your insistence on remaining loving and tolerant toward your family are commendable. With good hearted, clear thinking people like you, humanity has a chance.