Friday, November 27, 2009

ohh no you didn'ttttttt

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I read a blog post today by a Christian dissing the "tax the rich" policies on the grounds that is equates to immoral "stealing." 

It is difficult for me to see this argument as valid because I feel it is ignoring one of the biggest immoralities that exists in our world - and that is that our prosperity in the Western world is FOUNDED upon the stealing, raping and pillaging of the rest of the world. We do not have the money we do simply out of untarnished hard work, we have it as a result of being privy to conditions that are conducive to us making more and more money that were set up in prior generations through abuse, genocide and colonialism. 

The contention that "taxing the rich" is an immoral act, to me, is absurdly vile and ignorant.

here is the post


Laura said...

Not only that, but in the OT, tithing didn't go to church improvements and ministry projects. It functioned as our modern day tax system. So really, taxes designed in part to help the poor is a biblical concept required by God.

I clicked on the link, but when I saw it was a Focus on the Family site, I couldn't bring myself to read the article. :P

M. said...

Thanks for the extra input, Laura! Yeah FOTF makes me gag, but I like to keep reminded of the stuff tons of people are still believing in...and it's pretty entertaining!