Saturday, August 15, 2009

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becky said...

what do you love about it?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, you are really struggling with your "unbelief" which tells me that you really do believe. Someone who doesn't seem to care about God, sure does talk about Him a lot. I don't worship the devil, and i don't blog about him day in and day out. I do however, worship Jesus Christ, and I'm not afraid to blog about that. Sounds a lot like you, huh?

M. said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your input, but I disagree with your main premise. The reason I am so interested in God/Christianity/religion is not because I believe in him, but rather I am struggling to heal from a life of overwhelmingly unwelcome Christian influence. I am/have been learning how to respond to this unwanted force that has affected my life up to recently, so dramatically.

And I really am not struggling at all with my unbelief anymore. I have been a blatant non-Christian/deconvert for several years now and never have I been so comfortable in my position.

I wish you left a link to your blog, bc I'm interested. Thanks for posting!