Saturday, August 15, 2009

evangelical family drammaaa

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Okay so here is the deal with my family.

My sister was married for 9 years and divorced a couple years ago (brought shame to my parents I am sure)
and she has found love again and just got engaged last week! I'm so happy for her!

But here's the nut:
My parents found out that she is having pre-marital sex with her fiance and so they are threatening not to attend her upcoming wedding. It is tearing my family apart and I am so sick of it. They repeatedly tell her "it's not the sin that is making us angry, it's your inability to repent." So until she repents, they will not be going to her wedding.
THE THING IS though, that I know they will end up going to the wedding in the end. WHY? Because they do not want our other relatives and my sister's friends to look at them badly for not attending their own daughter's wedding. It's all about them. Why do so many Christians seem to be under the delusion that other people care so much about how they live?? No one really cares.

My sister said she talked on the phone with my parents and her fiance the other night about it and all she could say was "Mom is evil. She said the most evil and awful things about/to me, in front of my fiance."

My good Christian parents do not care about being hurtful, rude, damaging, controlling - but their having a fuckfit over my 32 year old sister making the choice to have sex with a man she loves. It's stupid as shit.

I'll update you guys on what happens.

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Laura said...

I completely understand that. I was married for 3 years to a Baptist minister, got divorced, and was planning on getting married next spring. We wound up eloping sooner due to some other problems we were having that marriage fixed, but we are still planning on having the wedding. My entire extended family (minus one uncle and one brother) wouldn't invite Steve to any family function, and were so hung up on the fact that we were living together, that they completely destroyed any possibility of a future relationship. I am not inviting any of the non-supporters to the wedding. Not that they want to come anyways, since apparently, you're only allowed 1 chance at happily ever after. :P It sucks.