Saturday, October 4, 2008


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I saw Religulous last night - I really liked it! And the theater was packed! (surprisingly) There was nothing new (information-wise) for me to learn, but it was interesting to see someone really confront religious people with the ridiculousness of their beliefs. It was hilarious too! Also, at the end, there is this colossal, loud, thundering, terroristic image-laced montage where Bill declares his conclusion and calls for all the de-converted, or non-religious to come out and be heard. In some weird way, it was probably the first time I've really felt pride in my non-belief. I felt empowered, as opposed to shunned. I actually got chills :)

Bill did this movie with director Larry Charles (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, Borat). Awesome combo with Maher.

For me, I would have liked a lot more detail on biblical inconsistencies, more tough interrogations, etc. Maybe a 10-part series on PBS! But all-in-all, I am happy to support Maher. Even though he clearly thought the people he interviewed were delusional, he delivered his scathing criticism with smiles and jokes.

If you don't already listen to Bill's podcast, YOU MUST!!!!

Go on itunes and search podcasts for "Real Time with Bill Maher" - it is my favorite thing to listen to!

well, time to seize the day. Have a great one!

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