Sunday, October 5, 2008

Over McCain's Dead Body!

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I am moving over for a moment into politics. I am now getting truly afraid of McCain/Palin being elected. The Vice Presidential debate helped cement my suspicions of Palin as an idiotic, unstable, shell of a human who is willing to undertake any actions (however risky) in order to perpetuate her own megalomanical self-conscious. I believe that she believes in herself. She believes in the image she thinks she is perpetuating, and she will not rule out any actions in order to preserve this image. She panders to any group who puts her on the podium, and she doesn't ever see that she comes across as an idiot and that she conspiculously ignores the obvious needs of her family in order to keep her frame in the spotlight. I think she is dangerous.

I really wonder - what if we find ourselves in another political situation so fragile as the Cuban Missle crisis? Would McCain (or Palin,) be able to so delicately negotiate their way around a dictator like Khrushchev? Especially when impending nuclear doom is on the line? Or would they decide to maintain this "Maverick" identity by not negotiating, and just using military might? It has been shown that if we had attacked Cuba, we would have most likely provoked nuclear war.

Palin is a JOKE. She was chosen in order to throw a wrench into the machine of political assumptions and mesmerize republican men into taking their hard-ons to the voting booth.

I am all for female politicians. I believe a woman can be a politician and feminine. But I am appalled and offended at a woman who is obviously underqualified, under-savvy, and so blantantly wags her sexiness around in order to "get through" the election season and into the White House. She could look the same, have the same accent but be smart, innovative, compassionate, clever and strong.

People keep saying "She's not running for President though, it's not about her" Well, she is running for Vice President, which is not a figurehead. The Bush Administration is an example of the power and influence a Vice President can have. Presiding over the Senate is not a benign position either.

All in all, I hope America isn't duped by this obvious ploy to trick us into voting for mcCain. I don't find that much comfort in Obama himself, but I do trust his judgement a little more in who he will choose for his Cabinet and advisors. But all in all, between the two wars and this economic bailout, we are trillions of dollars in debt - and I doubt that much of anything will change, because there is no money to pay for it.

Also - here is another critique of the McCain/Palin concept of the War on Terror (in which their solution is simply to 'defeat it')

From "Daily Dish":

The comedian Gary Shandling, of all people, synthesized the connection between our current economic crisis and 9/11 and the Iraq War in a way I have not heard:

On 9/11, Al Qaeda had no expectation of a traditional military victory against the United States. The point of the attack was economic -- to draw the U.S. into expensive and protracted foreign wars that would deplete our resources and destabilize our government. By invading Iraq, George Bush became the happy idiot to assist Al Qaeda in this goal. Now, Sarah Palin and John McCain take the leaders of Al Qaeda at their word when they say Iraq is the major front in the war on terror.

Neither consider the possibility that Al Qaeda wants Iraq to be the major front because it furthers their goal of weakening the U.S. while inflicting minimal damage on their operations.
Seven years after 9/11, we are seeing Al Qaeda's long-term goal being realized: the destabilization and economic collapse of the United States. Even as it's happening, the people who supported it all along want to continue facilitating our own long-term disintegration by clinging to simplistic concepts of traditional military victory and defeat. In this sense, they are possibly the most myopic, least strategic thinkers in the history of this nation.

As Gary Shandling said, with this approach, our only hope of killing Osama Bin Laden is that he'll laugh himself to death.