Thursday, September 11, 2008

Halloween is for the Devil

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I work with a lot of Christians. Part of our work is marketing. The other day I was in a meeting about a Halloween-themed marketing event, when one of the Christian ladies refused to allow us to use images of witches or skeletons. "I would never respond to anything with a witch on it," she said. So we're using pumpkins instead.

It's so funny how people will think images of witches and ghouls are evil, yet they'll not bat an eye to a bloody Civil War in the Congo.

It reminds me of when I was in high school and my mom found some stickers I had with skulls on them. "Skeletons are an invitation for the Devil to work!" She told me. Then she made the throw them away.


exapologist said...

Hi Marie!

Isn't this sort of thing weird? It's hard to know what to say to a grown-up -- especially someone over 40 or 50 years old -- who still holds these bizarre views about demons and the devil and halloween. It's a jarring incongruity between the sophistication of a 1st world country like the U.S., on the one hand, and this extreme form of primitivism, on the other. It's like seeing an animal-sacrificing animist with a wireless laptop. Weird.

M. said...

Hi Felipe!!!!! Yeah it's so weird! I totally forgot that people still think that way. It does seem so primitive, so superstitious - Although the same people who think having a skull sticker will cause evil will also deny they are superstitious...
I ran into your wife the other night! I visited Katie and Andy briefly on Saturday and was at the wine bar in Upland with Katie. So random!

ProperVillain said...

I must be on the fast track to hell then...

I like skeletons (I have a jolly roger sticker on my car)

I think witch images are scary and cool
(what can I say, I like creepy AND it's part of halloween)

My youngest daughter was born on halloween
(Trick or Treat candy AND cake...YES!)

And I'm a christian
(I agree, some people go WAY too overboard with the anti-halloween, no macabre imagery thing)