Sunday, August 17, 2008

today 8.17.08

2:42 PM Posted by: M., 2 comments

What am I chasing? Could a step ahead be a cold step away from my true desires? Do share with me where the heart pulsates for! I cannot continue in this soft sand, glancing in all directions seeking my bliss that is as fleeting as a hummingbird. Is this current state of solid mass worth the eventual reward? Or will the reward never be known? Am I doomed to repeat this daily toil of sole activity in the sunny patio-less world of 9-5 brain absorption with no purpose? Or is this the ultimate purpose: to be a open petrie-dish of fungus, absorbing the opinions and outlook of those more accomplished than me? Those who could free themselves of comfort, guidance by elders and sense? Perhaps that is the existence I am doomed to fulfill. The tree fell in the forest and I was the only one to hear it, but my voice is silenced by timidity and apathy - therefore that tree, my ambition, never existed.


becky said...

what happened?


marie said...

Hey Becky

This is just something I wrote. Lately I've been feeling like I want to strive for great things in my life, but I keep just settling for mediocrity. I am caught wondering whether I am cut out for being an influential person, or if I am the audience to which influential people need in order to retain their power. I haven't found the answer yet :)