Sunday, July 27, 2008


4:16 PM Posted by: M., 4 comments

Today I got an email that an article I wrote about my deconversion was published on! So go take a read if you want :)

go to it here. It's called "The Question of Suffering and My De-Conversion"

Reading that website again got me thinking I might get back to posting here, it is fun, and I really am craving some more intellectual/philosophical exploration


Roopster said...


Welcome back!!! Great discussions on your post on d-C.

Looking forward to reading more from you.


Obi said...

Aye, welcome back.


becky said...

it is nice to see that you are back.


Sara said...

I re-read your de-conversion story and all the discussion it sparked.. good stuff. if you ever want to come back from the dead and get a beer and speak some words to each other, I'd love to. (for the record, I seriously did not mean to insert a Jesus pun there)