Friday, February 1, 2008


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I am at work, supposed to be updating our corporate blog. Let me tell you, wordpress is SO confusing when you have to create a streamlined, professional blog!

Here is an update on me - if you are still coming here, please comment me with an update on you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am working full time now as a Sales Support/Audio Engineer/Client Relations/Blog updater specialist. It's sooooooo glamorous. I live with amazing friends - one is a Christian youth pastor girl and the other is my best amazing friend! We still live in the Suburbs of San Fran, but are moving to the city in a few months...If you are in SF you might see me at Zeitgeist, Geshtalt, The Attic, 500 Club, Elixir or other sweet hangout spots.
As far as religion goes, I am just taking it easy. Still reading up on philosophy of religion, atheism, church history, etc. but in a more relaxed fashion. I dont go to church all that much anymore, but if I do I find I can pay more attention or tolerate it if I am tipsy (probably bad I know). Life is chill right now.
On the political front, I am finding myself liking Hillary Clinton (which I would have not predicted)
um, what else is, probably nothing that interesting anyway

but please update me on you guys, or at least update yourself on your blogs so I can see how everyone is!

okay time to work

peace out for now!!


becky said...

hi marie

just stopping by to see how you are doing. Congratulations on that you are doing.


HeIsSailing said...

Hi Marie. I love San Francisco. I had my honeymoon there.

Well, life for me is great here in El Paso. I travel often on business, but I never get around San Fran - sometimes I get to Santa Barbara, but not as far north as you. I am shocked that you show up to church a little tipsy! I still attend church, mostly catholic mass with my wife, but I try to get involved with the missions for food and clothing relief across the border in Juarez. My award winning movie, the Five Resurrections will never get made before Easter, but I will persevere - someday it *will* get made, and I will walk down the carpet with all the Hollywood Starlets, paparrazzi in tow. I still read quite a bit about religion, although I am an avowed non-believer. I just find religion and history and mythology and cultures to be a very interesting window into how people behave and think. Oh, and my favorite candidate, Bill Richardson, dropped out long ago! What a bummer, eh?

Slapdash said...

Hi Marie!

I've been out of the blogging world for months now, though just today posted a new entry on my own blog. Thought I'd make the rounds to see what others are up to these days.

As for me, I am pretty 'chill' on the religion front too. But I'm finding it to be a lonely place to be, at times. I think I'm learning that community and bashing ideas around with others is a really important thing for me, so I am starting to wonder if I can find a few de-converts in the Boston area who might like to get together periodically. Or start a book club. Or something.