Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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i havent posted in several days. the place i work is trying hard to stay in business so i have been swamped trying to work on that and in my free time all i have wanted to do is drink beer and read. but the holidays are coming!!!--and that means a lot more reflection on religion...and more time spent in the midst of my hardcore evangelical family. i foresee a lot of commentary to come.

i miss everyone in my blog sphere of influence!


HeIsSailing said...

Ah yes, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming.

I am waiting for Easter. That is when my fabulous new movie, 'The Five Resurrections' will premeire!! It is almost done!! All I need is a video camera, some willing actors, and maybe some editing equipment. Oh yes, and a budget, can't forget about that. But other than those triffling details, the movie is in the can!!

Have a great Thanksgiving, marie!!

Sara said...

Next time you are drinking beer and reading, you should call me. I brought books back to give to you, but I keep forgetting them.

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