Tuesday, October 9, 2007


10:06 PM Posted by: M., 3 comments

I decided to join the Peace Corps! I am applying for an October 2008 departure.

I told my parents last night, and they are surprisingly excited. My mom took a while to soften to it because she didn't understand why I wouldnt just go on a short-term evangelist mission instead (serious), but my dad is stoked! He is already talking about visiting me wherever I end up! Well, I have to get accepted to the program first.

but yeah, are there any former Peace Corps volunteers who have come to this site? If so, how was it?

I thought about doing this when I graduated college, but now I am sure I am ready for the 27 month committment. Anyhow, i wont bore you any longer.


rachel said...

hi marie! thanks for following our trip... it's been fun hearing from you. :) how are you? congrats on joining the peace corps!!! thats awesome! are you able to pick where you want to go? or do you even have a preference? your awesome!

Slapdash said...

Very cool, Marie. I *almost* joined the peace corps after college, but chickened out. I know many, many returned PC volunteers and met a few the summer I lived in Cameroon. For most it seems to be a life changing experience, as I'm sure you can imagine. Good luck!

Sara said...

Whaaa?!? I think you are my hero. I am unbelievably excited for you, that is so rad. I had a friend in NY who joined, she went to south africa and loved it. I think this is the best thing ever, apart from you being gone for a super extended amount of time.