Friday, October 5, 2007

she puts the DOPE in doping

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As you guys may have heard--Olympic Gold Medalist Marion Jones totally admitted to using steriods for 2 years before she kicked ass at the Olympics. I am pissed. I hate these athletes that do this. I was a track and field athlete for years and I did look up to these women who could perform amazingly, and now I am let down and mad that it was all a farce. Jackie Joyner-Kersee should smack Jones.

I feel like sports are not designed to be a gateway for these "athletes" to get their much sought after limelight. I think of sports as a historic pasttime and human activity to quench our need for competition and pleasure. (I also lean a bit like Chomsky in thinking sports can be a way for the government and corpoations to keep people distracted from knowing what really goes on in the world--but I still watch football on the weekends :) ) Therefore when these athletes just use drugs, it is like they are playing a video game rather than using their own human abilities to particpate in human events.

I dont care if Marion Jones is a woman and has 2 kids. She knows EXACLTY what she did and I hope she is rightly punished. We need to keep steroids OUT OF sports.

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