Thursday, October 4, 2007

helloo my friends

7:59 PM Posted by: M., 2 comments

hellloooo alllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my internet sucks fat and i have been reading comments and all but i cant easily post back or devote the time i would like to it. I think tomorrow I am going to camp out in wi-fi land at a coffee shop and spend some good time blogging and commenting on your guys' blogs and such. i really appreciate the comments and i enjoy them immensely

i went to a christian discussion group the other night. it bombed haha. i kept my mouth shut mostly, but got a few good conversations in. i will post about it later. Also, i posted a blog on myspace (hey, i'm 23, i can have a myspace! haha) about some christian questions and i am thinking a lot of my christian friends will comment, and i will post those answers here.

how is everyone? with the weather cooling down, i think i will spend more time nestled up in my "home office" (a.k.a. my desk in the closet) and blog and read blogs and get back into the swing of things. some of the blogs might be kind of weird because I get really into Oktoberfest beers and winter beers and i might drunkpost! jk, well, maybe.

for any beer nerds out there...

can i just tell you that I love the Monty Python Holy Grail Ale? i also enjoyed a Duvel, a Drak, a Warsteiner, some Bitburger, and a Spaten. SOOOOO good!
today I bought a 4-pack of Tetley Pub Ale, a Samuel Smith's organic lager, a chimay white ale, a Paulaner Oktoberfest, and a 12-pack of Schlitz beer (only $5.99!) i might start rating beers on here just for fun. hey, better use my free-will for something, right?!


Sara said...

hello, dear friend. wordpress ate your comment, I was sooo pissed off! When i get home we need to all go to an Indian restaurant and I'll order for everyone. the food here is so yummy, i get indecently excited for every meal. except breakfast. their breakfast tastes like reheated dinner, but not as good.
I'm interested to see the responses you get to your "public" blog. and btw, my dad was at oktoberfest for a few days! i was so jealous. alcohol here is really taboo, drinking is seen as low-class. sigh. I appreciate your blogs, I support you finding wireless nooks to devote more time.

marie said...

Hi my dear Sara! I will comment on your blog so you dont have to navigate back here to read my comment to you.
i miss you!

(for those of you who dont know, my friend Sara is in India traveling and working with groups who free girls from the sex trade and work in other capacities for the good of the poor and helpless--she rocks!)