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christian responses

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If you don't remember, I put up a few blogs on my myspace profile (I am 23 it is okay for me to have one, jk :) where most of my Christian friends will read them. I posted because I wanted to see what kind of responses I would get. I probably should put what I posted, but you probably get the idea from reading these replies. I think it is interesting to see into the world of some of today's young christians. These are the people around me. Well, Here are some of the responses i have gotten...

My question is how do you know that these things are so bad? What is telling us that killing is something so horrible?
I'm guessing who ever reads this is like -"WTF of course the rape and killing of innocents is bad.. it just is!"
The truth is that it hurts our hearts when we see suffering. We ache so much we don't want to live. But in a world where there was no God, why would it hurt so bad. If the creator of life was not good how would we even know that these malicious acts are so evil? That is the foundational question. Not why is there evil, but Why do we care.
I guess I have two points:
1. Why do we care about pain and suffering? Pain and suffering should just be seen as another part of life like breathing and pooping. Why is it in all of us we have this tremendous desire to stop suffering if there is no good reason to our existence?
2. Maybe its because God cares. And somewhere inside of us is His compassion. But we NEVER act on it. Most of us just complain about how God never does anything. The truth is God didn't kill 6 million Jews, people did. God never blew up a school bus, people did. I guess it goes back to the idea that it's our choice. The burden and the blood are on us and the decisions we make, not God. Why do we demand something of God when we are not willing to do anything?

from another person:

In the Bible, God never said there wouldn't be pain, and suffering, and trouble and horrible things. God doesn't promise us perfect lives, and pure happiness. This person is upset because life isn't perfect. That there is pain and suffering. Well, why does god get the blame for the pain and suffering? What about the enemy? That's another part of the father of lies, which is what satan is. Instead of being mad at how satan has corrupted someone to kill or molest a child, this person is mad at God for not stopping it. Well, God never said that there wouldn't be suffering. He said take your eyes off this world. Don't be caught up in your life on earth. The good stuff is the stuff after death. That's the fun stuff, that's the party!!!!! If the bible said, "Oh life will be great, just love me and I'll make everything perfect for you" and then it wasn't then this person has an argument. But being mad at God cause the world is corrupted by satan doesn't make much sense. I never feel that these arguments are very strong or that they are deep or haven't been said before. Basically, the bible says that life is a test. That's all it is. In a world, that has ugliness and corruptness but that has taught you right from wrong. Which will you choose? The right or the wrong? The path that an invisible god promises will reward you? Or the path that says there is no invisible god, there is nothing, there is no point. Without god there is no hope, no point, no purpose. That's atleast the way I see it. Life would suck if there was no hope and no party to look forward too. That murderers, rapists, thieves, and suffering ruins lives but there is no good ever to come. That is what this world has to offer. God doesn't do that. He offers help, he offers justice, and he offers hope.

from another:

I dunno if this is gonna make any sense and I hope you don't think I'm being intrusive. But you need to ask yourself how you are going to look at the issue of free will? And also how are you going to look at the issue of Hell, and the Church. I for one have almost lost complete trust in the Church, but being a Christian is really about having a personal relationship with God. So what the Church says shouldn't be taken on face value just cause the Church does.Also I have always thought that free will wasn't a way to being more glory to God, it was a way to show that God actually loves us. Would it be love if you were in a relationship and you made the other person into someone they aren't? You only allowed them to do things that pleased you and didn't give them any free will to make their own choices? The very nature of free will is the fact that if God didn't love us he could make us into robots that served him blindly and had no choice.. Which I think would actually be selfish. Instead we have a choice in the matter, which I am grateful for. Also, The only people who actually think hell is spitfire and gnashing of teeth are the overly religious. There is a lot of biblical reference to support the fact that Hell isn't torture for eternity for not following God. Hell is just separation from God after you die. You make the choice where you wanna go when you are alive, and if you choose that you do not want to be with God, then he won't make you. Theoretically after you die you go somewhere else with all the other people who do not want a relationship with God for the rest of eternity and you will stay there being without a connection with God while the ones who chose him get to be close to him... It is not everlasting torture as punishment for picking the wrong religion, that is just Church hocus pocus used for thousands of years to scare little kids. But the Church is not the true nature of God always.

from another:

There ARE plenty of places in our world to find love. BUT, there is no picture of love as grand or blunt as the picture of Jesus. This idea of a the ultimate superhero. You could believe in Mickey Mouse but he’s a cartoon and never claimed to be your creator, willing to cross any bridge and give up anything for you. That picture of love CAN NOT be found in any religion, cartoon, or elitists thoughts on life. Don’t miss the point that this is not about whether or not he existed, why you can’t see him the way you think you are entitled to, or why he doesn’t seem to show himself the way you think he should. This point is that there is absolutely, positively without a doubt no picture of love as grand as Jesus Christ.
After that in you brought up a few things… You said we are more or less trapped here with no choice to believe or we will go to hell. I believe that’s incorrect. I remember watching at KP Yohonnan video with you a few years ago at Devin’s house and he was talking about how all the unbelievers of the third world are going to hell. I’ve come to strongly disagree with that belief. This is always a point of major contention with non-believers. I believe if there is a God as described by the story of Jesus then he is not bound by our religious institution and its rules. I’m going to use “ancient disputed books” for a sec, please be gracious with me. One verse says that God’s love is evident in all creation and another that eternity is set in the hearts of men meaning that belief in the divine and our relationship to it is not limited whether or not we knew we were for or against him the way our church teaches. When I read both of these I think of some kid in India or something. I picture him with the ability to know God without the formulas of my Christianity. My point is that I believe you don’t have to come to terms with the Jesus of the west to believe and know the story of Gods grace. I think the story of Jesus transcends language, culture, and anything else.
As for belief. If we are honest with ourselves we all have to believe in something as cliché as that sounds. The problem is that we may never know how we got here and how life started and why we are here. People chose all sorts of explanations. But if we actually look at the complexities of life it is a completely logical explanation to think that something intelligent put us here. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. My point here is that I just don’t think that anyone possesses tangible evidence, the way you want it, on an any belief. We all have two options. Believe life is a chance, random accident. Or believe some invisible entity put us here. From that point there is no explanation as poetic and beautiful as the one in those “ancient disputed books”.
And those books…. Are written by man, used for self gain, potentially distorted, full of contradictions, and guilty of way more inconsistencies. BUT, the underlining theme and story that I keep talking about is still apparent even amidst all of it’s “disputed” characteristics. Over the last few years I’ve had so many qualms with the Bible. Probably more than you. The amazing thing is, the Jesus story shines through. I don’t think the point of the Bible is to learn rules, describe history, or give scientific backing on our impossible belief. The point of it, to me at least, is to portray God’s heart for us.
To respond to Evan, I have never been guilted, scarred, or forced to believe in Jesus. I chose to believe in him because the type of love I found in him was resonated strongly in my heart. You can keep using those excuses for people to believe in God but the truth is that there is something real as to why so many of us gravitate towards a belief in the divine.
Sin is just an explanation of why when we do stupid things it hurts us. If some one along your life made you feel bad for sinning they missed the point. Sorry you had to feel bad. Sin works like this. If you kill some one its bad. If you steal from your friend its bad. I’m glad you feel free of “sin”.
Don’t be so ignorant to not put science, atheism, materialism, and others in your list of gods. You like me serve something and believe in something. Also don’t be so ignorant to miss the point of most religions. They explain why, not how. The how we got here is for science. The why we are here science will never fathom. You CANNOT base any explanation of WHY we are here or what we are doing in life on fact. The fact is that we should celebrate when a crippled person dies because it is better for our survival. But we don’t. For some reason we all believe that human suffering is bad. Science never explains WHY. Only HOW. Jesus never tried to explain HOW only WHY.

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