Sunday, September 16, 2007

some thoughts

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I have been thinking about God a bit more lately. I can't say that I have come up with any amazing conclusions--or even observations for that matter. But Here are some questions I am pondering...

1. why does God have to be good?

Just because God is God--creator and all--why does that necessarily presume he is only god? Is it because as humans, we have evolved to desire those things we label "good" and to comfort ourselves in the knowledge of a God--he has to be the embodiment of those things?
Why is it supposed to be so obvious that a God would be good? And why is ONLY the Christian religion allowed to have a purely good God? Why can't Allah be good as well?

I don't know. I am kind of assuming that it reduces to power and human need. Power--because in order for the commodity of Christian faith to be marketable and profitable, it must be desirable. And the only thing more desirable than a pretty good god, is a totally good God. If our God is the only perfect one, then people will want him and all the other religions can suck it or something.

And humans have had need for supernatural gods seemingly since the beginning of human time. Deities have been in existence in the beliefs of humans for like all time--either they exist and are trut, or they are all the result of humans needing to believe and sustain a belief in a God.

2. If God is purely good, how could he have created, or allowed to be created, a world in which their is immense evil?

Aside from the discomfort in the conflict between a good god and evil, I wonder, how exactly could a good God allow evil if he is only Good? Is goodness like a chromosome? I guess since he is God, he can do anything he wants and all--but in that, why do we allow him to self-proclaim as wholly good when he most clearly does not stop all evil? Which presumably he is able to do?

This is a really odd, bad and underdeveloped analogy, but it just came to me

Let's just pretend that I am all about empty pools and that i am 100% committed to all pools being totally devoid of water. I have a staff of a million people, so I realistically can empty all pools and the capacity to get the job done is no problem.

So what if I ONLY emptied pools that had water in them? I never stopped anyone from filling their pools, I just waited until people filled their pools totally, and then I would go and drain the water in the dead of night--not telling them what I had done or why--so they have no idea that filling pools should not be done.

That would be stupid. My job would never be done, and no one would ever TRULY know what they should do or why with their pools?

That is a bad analogy, but I kind of think it is similar to the Christian God.

We have a God who is TOTALLY good. He proclaims all things good and has the capacity to turn everything to good and all that jazz. Well, he (let's assume) makes good things--he helps some people get healed from diseases (let's assume) and he gets people good parking spots at the mall, he comforts people, etc. BUT he doesn't do anything to STOP all evil. He doesnt soften people's hearts (it is assumed he can harden them) so that they choose peace instead of war, he doesnt use supernatural means to halt a hurricane, or blow it into the ocean...he doesnt put a sign in the sky to warn innocents of impending tsunami death, etc. He just lets it all go and cleans up later (kind of).

Wow, that is a great, good God. I dont believe so. I actually have to say I would rather trust my not-so-good, not-so-bad self in this life.


Sara said...

What if you kept Trying to tell people why you were emptying pools and asking them to stop, but they wouldn't listen, they kept filling because it made them comfortable, or rich, or whatever? You could make them stop, take control of everything, but would you really want to?
And not to rain on anybody else's spiritual experience, but every time I've prayed for good parking at stoneridge, I feel like God is rolling his eyes at me. I prayed for first class to Bombay, I definitely sat in coach. It kind of made me laugh.
I love your brain, by the way.

marie said...

hey sara! i love your brain too :)

i will reply tomorrow when i am sober. haha seriously. i am so glad you are safe and sound and even online!!

lowendaction said...

I know I'm a little late to this, but I wanted to share one quick thought.

What is your definition of good?

I am a musician and sound engineer, and so perfection (one aspect of good) is a constant struggle for me.

One could design the "perfect" speaker, using the most advance mathematical applications, and yet to our ears, it would sound...bad.

That's because certain flaws are what give so much of what we hear that quality we call: good.

This is not merely about taste, but about balance. I believe that "good" (as it referes to God) is not the steril, "perfect" good, as in "black or white" (not race) we often make it to be. There is a delicate balance in everything, and I won't even begin to start dissecting what I think is "good" or "bad" in God. But I will say, that if He is THE God, then i believe that there are possiblities that are far beyond our human understanding.

I know this sounds like the typical fundy-type excuse, but think about it. If God is really everything He's cracked up to be, do you really think we're going to be able wrap our heads around who He is (completely)?

This ran a little longer than I had planned. sorry.