Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Okay, for those of you who are unaware, I LOVE KATHY GRIFFIN. She is that red-headed comedienne who has a different face every time you see her because she has so much G.D. plastic surgery. Yeah, she is so funny. Anyway, I was reading today about all this outrage surrounding her Emmy Award acceptance speech. Apparently she said, "people usually thank Jesus for this, but Jesus had nothing to do with it, suck it Jesus!" or something like that. I mean, tasteless, but also harmless. But now people are SOOO up in arms about it, making it their mission to take her down and boycott her and stuff. I mean, cool, whatever.
It is sad to me that THIS is the mission of a lot of Christians. It is a mission that can be fulfilled sitting on their asses. They can make phone calls to the news complaining, while sitting on their ass. They can write stories for their website and boycott her program, while sitting on their ass. They can fight this epic battle against the devilish ginger kid (reference to south park) ALL while sitting--you guessed it--on their behinds. What a brave and noble fight. What about fighting real battles--like fighting for the rights of the poor and the tortured, fighting for starving kids to eat and drink safely, fighting to free enslaved human beings? Na, I'd rather sit and make up controversy while eating my Pringles. on my ass.

OH YEAH--and a Christian drama troupe spent over $90,000 on an ad in USA Today against Griffin and for Jesus. see HERE

oh and BTW, I have two friends who kick ass and are Christians and are working in India to help enslaved women and other needs--that is a real battle!

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exapologist said...

Hilarious. I, too, love Kathy G. after the whole acceptance speech fiasco.

lowendaction said...

I couldn't agree with more!

Though I take blasephmy quite serious, I also believe that there must be proper motive behind it to make it genuine.

Kathy was obviously not attacking the actual personage of Christ, but the idiots who stand behind Him, all the while acting the exact opposite.

If so-called Christians spent have the amount of time/energy/money on actually DOING what Christ tought, instead of fighting for legalistic bullshit that has nothing to do with Christ or the Bible, this world would be radically changed (for the good, in my humble opinion).

so sad...and yet, so true!!