Wednesday, August 22, 2007

real news

10:24 AM Posted by: M., 3 comments

I am thoroughly enjoying this news site that Exapologist recommended


Reuben said...

Hi Marie,

I used to enjoy reading exapologist's blog until it began requiring an invitation from its creator (Of course, I enjoy your own as well). Since I do not blog and thus do not know much about how these blogger accounts work, I wonder if you could tell me if/how I could gain access to that blog. Thanks for reading this random comment.


exapologist said...

Hi Reuben,

Sorry for the incovenience! I foound that I couldn't make sufficient progress on my dissertation while it was public (I visited it and fussed with it too much), and so I've made it private for a while. I hope to make it public again when I get the doctorate (working frantically on it at the moment -- hope to be done this year).

In the meantime, though, just send me your emal (to, and I can add you to the site.

All the best,


The Cubicle Reverend said...

I remember hearing a story of an editor of a news paper saying, "The good news is we made a profit. The bad news is we made a profit."