Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The media sucks, they even stupidly admit it!

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Just a quick complaint about the media. I hate the media.

but yeah, I guess Owen Wilson atempted suicide or it is alleged, or whatever. Anyway, apparently he asked the media to respect his privacy while he heals--but the media is ALL OVER this thing. It was talked about on Larry King last night, there are updates on like every 15 minutes, and it was on the Today Show and CNN this morning--what the hell? the media is so dumb. They keep reporting "Wilson wants the media to respect his privacy..." and then they stakeout the hospital and talk about his history of drugs, etc. What really pissed me off, was I saw on, they have this section called "your say" or something, and they asked the question, "WHY DO YOU THINK OWEN ATTEMPTED SUICIDE?" HOLY SHIT. There is so much wrong, in my opinion, with the average Joe citizen chiming in on why someone totally disconnected from them attempted suicide--

anyway, i am really annoyed. i hope i am not bringing unwanted attention to Owen's issue as well, but I thought it was necessary to explain this mood i am in.

i want to boycott comcast, but with no competition in cable where i live, i have no choice for the time being--


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exapologist said...

I agree. It's conducive of a kind of perverse voyeurism.