Wednesday, August 15, 2007

is that bad?

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I may have done something bad, but oh well.

I applied for a job at my church today. I applied for a custodial, part-time position so totally unrelated to christianity and stuff.

But anyway, on the application, there was a question that asked if I was a born-again christian and if yes, when I became christian...

So I totally circled yes

I wonder if I would have gotten the job if I had circled no. I mean, religious discrimination is illegal, right? I mean, especially for a job unrelated to the faith in that I will not be preaching or doing anything really related at all--just vacuuming and scrubbing.

well, I guess i lied, but I was "born again" at some point--and why not have someone like me cleaning the toilets? Wouldnt they want their godliness to rub off on me?

I don't know. I dont really feel bad at all. I just hope they dont want me to write about God or something. I am totally good at BS-ing that shit, but still. oh well

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