Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Farewell to God

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I havent posted in a while because I have been busy and reading, but I just finished a book and I recommend it. It is called Farewell to God by Charles Templeton. He used to be an evangelist like Billy Graham (he in fact used to work with Graham) and then he deconverted several years later. This book is essentially his proclamation of all the reasons why he cannot believe in the Christian god.

His arguments are not very complex, and some details of them I would say are kind of weak--at least underdeveloped--however, they make a lot of sense to me...but, I think it is a good summary of many reasons some previously devoted christians reject the Christian faith. It is an easy read too.

He basically goes through a lot of major stories from the Bible, events of Jesus's life, and major issues in the church, and shares the questions he had and his views resulting from critical observation. In this way, I dont think he succeeds in necessarily putting together a totally clean, perfect case against christianity, but he at least illustrates a ton of contradictions in the Bible and in the general practice of christianity today (at least in american--or rather, Western christian churches).

on the whole, I would say try to buy it used or get it from the library--but if you have to spend the $14, you could probably find value from it.


HeIsSailing said...

Thanks for the book review. Yeah, I remember this guy! If I remember, he wrote a biography of Jesus that tried to harmonize the 4 Gospels, but he did it after he rejected Christianity so nobody read it. Anyway, I have seen this book in our public library for ages. Maybe I'll pick it up when I'm there next time.

As far as it being weak and undeveloped in its arguments - I think that can still be useful. Leaving Christianity is a highly personal affair, and everyone has their own reasons. I have my own reasons that would not make much sense to others, but that is ok. If you want a really detailed argument against Christianity, try reading John Loftus' book (of DebunkingChristianity fame). It is not scholarly, but it is certainly thorough. But I would never give it to my wife, since most of it would go over her head. Something like Templeton's book may be a more appropriate read for her.

marie said...

thanks HiS!!! I miss your blog but I am going to check you out on the new one!

That is a good point about the underdeveloped arguments. I think it is so true. That is also good to hear about John's Book--I am ordering it off Amazon now and look forward to reading it. It is amazing because I actually feel a lot smarter after reading Debunking christianity and other blogs because it is challenging to the mind and we cant just eat it up and digest it easily. So yeah, I am stoked to read that.

Thanks for coming by!!!