Thursday, May 3, 2007

making excuses for God, Part 1.5 billion

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I am supposed to be working but I can't get enough of this discussion on Debunking Christianity that Exapologist referred me to. ( Actually--rather than "not getting enough" I feel like I am getting WAY too much, but it is still engaging.

+++++++before you read this, keep in mind that I don't mean ALL Christians in any of this--just a lot, maybe most Christians that I personally have ever had relationships with, or who are at least in my sphere of vision++++++++

When reading that slavery discussion, all I can think about is excuses, excuses, excuses!!!! Christians make so so so so so many excuses for God--it makes me sick. I know how it feels to want to cling on to faith, but give me a break--The most common thread in christian comments and blogs seems to be..."I understand that God can seem unjust and the Bible seems shady (understatement)...BUT I still have to believe." or something like that. I think Christians do a human injustice to themselves and those around them by making excuses for God.

On another note, I really think that the brand of Christianity we have today is just a passing phase. I think a lot of people would agree with that. The problem is, that so many christians treat the current view of Christianity as an end in the logical evolution of truth--and seemingly the last link in the chain of faith. My mom is so confident in her own personal interpretations of Scripture, that she actively judges and condemsn people based on what she concludes in her own head! Last night we were talking and she was explaining a certain scholar's interpretation of Heaven and that she thinks he is totally wrong because when she reads certain passages in the Bible, she sees it differently. I just think that what people see now as "truth" probably will seem elementary or heretical to people 100 years from now and so on and so forth. That is how we see a lot of early christian sects today who probably were as confident in their beliefs then, as we are now.

I also have been thinking about a lot of Christians' treatment of "non-christians." I think a lot of Christians are really judgemental at heart and they are Christians because it allows them to justify their judgement. I am around a lot of really, really judgemental Christians. A christian related to me actually insulted my friends to my face saying that they are a bad influence because they come from broken-homes and didn't go to college (NOT exaggerating!). Christianity makes it so easy to look down on people--rather than learn about others and actually make informed judgements about their life(which I still think is wrong), we can just label them "non-christian" and judge them without any further investigation! That label of "non-christian" tells us that those people outwardly reject God's love, they favor sin and the darkness, and they allow themselves to be influenced by Satan at the core.

I am probably being hypocritical in some of this as I am judging Christians, but whatever--this is my blog.


Heather said...

**I think Christians do a human injustice to themselves and those around them by making excuses for God. **

As do I. Honestly, justifying slavery in the Bible just seems very dishonest. Slavery was not condoned in the Bible at all -- there are verses where God specifically says who to take as a slave and who to kill. For me, I say slavery is in the Bible because it was an acceptable practice at that time. That makes the Bible, in many aspects, culturally-bound. Do I pick and choose what to follow? Yes. But at least I'm being honest, and not trying to make those verses look better.

As for Christians being judgemental -- I think that comes in part because they're very alert to sin, and are supposed to constantly correct sinful behavior, or make others aware of how sinful they are so they can be 'saved.' And I think the other part comes from a sense of superiority -- they're loved/chosen by God, everyone else is in the dark.

Mike said...


I know what you're going through. I'm kind of going through my own journey and I'm considering deconversion.

Justifying or defending God is nearly impossible. In fact the combination of omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience actually creates a monster, not God as we typically think of him (omnibenevolent). Christians are judgemental because the god of Christianity is judgemental - there's no way around it.