Wednesday, May 16, 2007

10:37 AM Posted by: M., 5 comments

I havent posted in a while, but that is because I am taking the time now to just examine my thoughts and (dis)belief--kind of like a mid-term evaluation

be back soon!!!


HeIsSailing said...

Time away from it all is good. I did the same thing, and it made me more focused on what is really important in life. Best of luck to you, Marie.

jennypo said...

I agree with HeIsSailing, Marie. Other perspectives are great, but time away allows us to absorb and analyse and process the information we've found. I also wish you the best.

Heather said...

Time away can be really beneficial. As Jenny said, it lets us process everything, and just consider what we've learned and such. I hope it goes well for you.

JP Manzi said...

Agree with the others, it always good to take a step and examine your thoughts. Don't forget to listen to your heart also.

zilch said...

Good luck to you too. I must also say, you are brave to go public with your doubts about your faith- that can't be easy. That shows a strength that will serve you well, whatever you end up believing.

I'm an atheist, but lots of my friends are Christians. What I believe is that anyone who makes the world a better place is good, no matter what they believe about God.

Cheers from Vienna, zilch