Sunday, May 27, 2007

Anarchy in the SF

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Yesterday my friend took me to an anarchist bookstore and it was actually a really cool experience. Ever since shedding my christianity and its narrow-minded, contradictory nature, I have been able to really keep an open mind about things. I know nothing about anarchists so I am definitely not an anarchist, but the bookstore had books on so many subjects that now make sense since I am not examining them through Christ's blood colored glasses. There was a really interesting book on the Rwanda genocide that detailed the many failings of government, UN and other actors--and the information in it was legit--before, my christian mind would have said that some crazy person wrote it in a dark room who is angry and hates our christian nation, or something. But now, I am starting to realize that there are a lot of viewpoints in life that can actually make sense if examined intelligently. Obviously, there are a lot of books and stuff that are published by crazies, but from now on I am not prepared to just write off everyone. I mean, we are all human beings, we all found ourselves on this earth, and we are just trying to figure out how to live.
I bought a couple pamphlets that I am reading through...
"The Hardcore/Punk Guide to Christianity"
"The Heretics Guide to the Bible"
"Does God exist? 12 Proofs for the Non-existence of God"
"For God and Country: Torture and its Justifications"


B Wark said...

up da punx

exapologist said...

It's exciting to just start from scratch and accept or reject a given position on its own merits.

I'm actually attracted to certain versions of anarchism (e.g., Michael Albert's libertarian socialism, aka participatory economics).

B Wark said...

p.s. i thoroughly enjoy the cleverness of the title