Monday, April 30, 2007

now that's what you call music?

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I dont have much to say right now. I went to church last night (I still go because my family does not know yet that I am not a christian), and there was a guest worship leader. His original songs were so bad and he just sang the same words over and over like 60 times (big surprise, huh?). I mean, the lyrics were seriously this...

"Jesus, you set captives free
Jesus you are alive in me
Oh I want to shout your name
I crave your love and mercy (repeat 40x)"

or something like that--just totally lyrics that anyone can pull out of their ass (I just did that above)--and he was kind of a douche. It is just amazing how worship songs can be so badly worded and simple. They usually have one of three drum beats, and one of four melodies and the words have to do with feeling God inside, ringing bells, lifting hands, and mercy. Even when I was hardcore christian, I had difficulty singing those songs from the heart. But that might just be me.

I am not making an argument, this is just my observation--I just think that if someone is a human trying to make original music for the creator and sustainer of the whole entire universe, the music might sound better and be more eloquent--I mean, a lot of hymns have genius wording and great metaphor--nowadays it is all crap.

I think that is just more evidence that the christianity we have now is a passing phase and not the only way to live or be saved--if it even is relatively true at all.

Enjoy this video of a genius song not about God--called "strange Fruit" is a protest poem/song against lynchings and burning of blacks in the south in the 1930s. sung by Billie Holiday


Becky said...

they can be shallow at times.


Heather said...

That's the sad thing about Christianity. Given that it's suppose to bring a huge sense of meaning, joy and freedom to one's life, it's music and literature always seems a little ... lackluster. I always find a great deal more meaning or purpose from secular literature, as it teaches the 'truths' about life much more than most Christian-related art does.

In a large way, I think that's because Christian-art is confined. It has clear boundaries as to what it can and cannot explore, and secular literature doesn't.

exapologist said...

Important song.

Also, of course, Billie Holiday is one of the greatest singers who ever lived.

Becky said...

I think the problem with most Christian music is that it lacks soul which is odd because Christianity is really all about the soul and the redemption of it. So, it makes one wonder has the modern church missed it and been leading the sheep astray?


JumpingFromConclusions said...

There's a great episode of South Park that satires modern Christian music. In it, Cartman starts a Christian band that just re-uses a bunch of love songs and inserts "Jesus" as needed (they do it just for the money). They end up extremely successful, and their album ends up going Myrrh (rather than Platinum). Lots of laughs in that episode.

Also, here is something I noticed at my church. We have a lot of good singers at our church, and there is some kind of solo about every week. They sing praise and worship songs and always get a typical round of applause when they are finished. But a year or two ago, we had a man sing a solo about "the American solider" in church. . . he got an emphatic standing ovation when he was finished. Secular music just feels so much more "real" and it is much more relatable.

JP Manzi said...

I know what you are going through as it has been a constant struggle for me as well. If I may recommend an author that helped define Christianity in a way I can better relate too, that does not sound like a fairy tail....Marcus Borg. His new book "Jesus" has changed my outlook and has given me a fresh start with a different perspective.

marie said...

Hey JP I will for sure check out that author

and JfC--I totally love that episode of South Park!!! I was in a hotel last week and my friend and I watched that episode, followed by a cutting-edge Christian rock show called "The Ramp" on TBN--it was so classic!!

Heather--I agree about how Christian art seems confined. I wonder if that is just a passing phase, or if christian art will always be like this.

Anonymous said...

If you like Billy Holiday, check out Nina Simone -- she was a little later, but much the same genre, and she had the most amazing gravelly voice. She also did a lot of songs about/for the civil rights