Thursday, April 5, 2007

make excuses

10:26 PM Posted by: M., 4 comments

I think Christians really perfect the art of making excuses for God. One example: If a prayer is not answered, then it is just not God's timing or the answer is no... like, If I pray for my friend to be healed, and she is--then God answered(and is good)...if she is healed 5 years from now from some new medicine that was put on the market--then it was not God's timing when I originally prayed(and God is good)...and finally, if my friend dies, then God's answer is no (God is good). So no matter what happens, I can tie it to God and never have to think about the fact that maybe he doesn't exist.

In thinking like this--YOU CAN'T LOSE!! Every possible outcome is designed by God and there is no way to refute it. it just seems too convenient


eddie{F} said...

True! Well said.

agnosis said...

This is called non-falsifiability. Something of this sort was used through Logical Positivism and any linguistic-analytical critiques. Basically, the statements about God become meaningless because they can't be falsified and there's an explanation for every possible outcome. This mentality contributes to the eventual uselessness of Christian theism in any interventionist model. How in the world do you pray to such a being except "Thy will be done"? And whatever happens ends up being classified as "Thy will." Utterly useless. I gave up praying long before I gave up faith, and that's sad.

marie said...

Thanks for all that, Agnosis! I am so glad that you can provide more background on these issues--it makes me more excited to study and go exploring deeper into this stuff

agnosis said...

Glad I can help. "Happy Easter," for whatever that means to you these days.