Thursday, April 5, 2007

make excuses part II

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Also, Jesus talks about the Kingdom coming "soon," and when we question why it still hasn't happened 2000 years later, christians just say that "soon" is relative and God is outside of time, and all that jazz. There again, we make an excuse for Jesus's ambiguity.


agnosis said...

exapologist had a good post about this topic a few months ago. He surveyed some positions on it in the scholarly literature. If he's reading maybe he can invite you (and me:)) to become a reader on his blog.

Heather said...

Jesus even says something along the lines of 'this generation,' as in, those he's addressing, seeing his second coming. Even C.S. Lewis admitted that it was an embarrassing thing in the Bible.

I think for most of the NT writers, 'soon' meant what it was supposed to mean. Because a lot of Paul's letters have this urgency about the Day of Judgement that really only make sense if he believed that Jesus would return 'soon.'

exapologist said...

Hi agnosis!

Whoops! Sorry about that! Can I get your email address? Just send it to and I'll invite you asap!

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agnosis said...

Well put. The end of 1 Corinthians 7 and 1 John 2 are such passages that seem to only make sense in view of an expected return within the time of the writers.

No problem. I'll send you my email now.

B Wark said...

i hate that christian answer for it, "God is outside of time". Well, we're inside of time so I would want the "Book of God" to speak inside my time.

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