Sunday, April 15, 2007

keep others from Hell by eating doritos

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"If the people believe [in hell], then their attitude about the whole thing reveals that they could care less if the creation burns forever. The fact is, NO ONE really believes in an eternal burning hell if we are to judge by their actions. If they saw a person in a burning building, they would put forth every effort to save them; they would cry and scream for help; they would be late for work; they would not rest until the victims were rescued. Yet, those who teach eternal torment can spend their hours relaxing in front of the television screen, visiting and feasting upon rich dainties with their friends, and whole days in camping, vacationing, fishing, and playing, and then lay their heads upon a pillow every night and sleep soundly, while, according to their own teaching, countless millions are going to a place a million times worse than a burning building!

If they believed what they teach, they would never cease, day and night until they dropped, and others came to take their places, in their efforts to save men from such a place! They excuse themselves by saying, "All we can do is warn." But if they were standing before a burning building would they preach a thirty-minute sermon, then turn and walk away, saying, "All we can do is warn!" And how many do they meet day after day, and never mention their danger?"


agnosis said...

From your quote it just seems like bad logic. But then again, there may not be a differnce between the two.

HeIsSailing said...

If I may take it one step further, if there really was an eternal Hell, GOD himself would be doing everything he could to warn us about it!! He would be healing people, performing miracles, imparting the power of his Holy Spirit to making powerful people of God - not this finding God in a still small voice stuff. Can you imagine all the glory done to God if he really pulled off some first rate healings and miracles? How many Christian converts there would be? How much rejoicing and dancing in the streets there would be? How many people would avoid hell?

But alas, he has left he work of evangelism and saving the damned up to us poor Christian slobs. *sigh* pass me the Doritos, willya Marie?

Heather said...

I agree with HIS -- I really don't think the point of the NT was to help people avoid hell.

And I don't think the 'free will' argument works here, either. As in, if God did everything HIS proposed, then people wouldn't have a choice in following Him. Hardly. Look how many healings are in the the Gospels, and people still doubted Jesus. Shouldn't God want us to make a decision with all the facts available? Otherwise, what is one basing the 'choice' on?

Even when one starts reading the Bible, things start to not add up. There are verses that say healings are to be expected, and proof of one's faith. There are verses that show the Second Coming was to happen 30-60 years after Jesus ascended.

jon said...

The same group of Bible-believing Christians that call people like me a heretic for not believing in an eternal lake of fire where the baddies will suffer forever are the same group that don’t seem to want to read what Jesus actually said, ie:
“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Mathew 10) Now, excuse me if somehow this means something else in the original Greek, but Jesus seems to make it pretty clear that hell=destruction. Death. Dead. Over. Finished. Not even twitching. No soul. No body. No nothing.

Becky said...

good things to think on.

How then do you explain evil?

HeIsSailing said...

jon sez:
"Now, excuse me if somehow this means something else in the original Greek, but Jesus seems to make it pretty clear that hell=destruction."

jon, there are good arguments to be made for both total annihilation, and eternal torment. It depends on which view you want to take as to how you want to harmonize the rest.

Can't we just call this differing viewpoints by different Bible authors?