Saturday, April 14, 2007

i am screwed

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I dont know, I am kind of hating the Christian god a lot right now. I am 95% sure I do not believe he exists--but whenever I read about god I get to feeling sick and bad. There is such a conflict between this idea of forgiveness and god's sadistic love to throw angels into hell for sin and other stuff. There is so much bloodshed and death and suffering at the hand of god--and then his apparent son/self comes along and tells everyone else to be is gross. And all of this--all of this pain--all of this violence is because a fucking snake tempted adam and eve to disobey god. ALL this for one instance of disobedience?! How selfish and conceited god is! That is fucked up. It might be just me, but it kind of seems like God was just waiting for an excuse.


Heather said...

**but whenever I read about god I get to feeling sick and bad.**

I have periods like that, too. It mostly occurs when I read portions of the Bible, or hellfire and brimstone references. Now, I'm sure that there are some would say I'm feeling 'sick and bad' because I'm being convicted of my sins. But the 'sick and bad' elements usually corresponds with some of the awful things in the Bible, like God ordering all the firstborn in Eygpt to be killed.

Or when I come across websites that says all humanity deserves to burn in hell, and yet God is gracious/loving enough to give us a way out. I just don't understand how people can look at humanity that way and still function.

However, I do like the Sermon on the Mount, and the picture that paints of God.

JumpingFromConclusions said...

I agree, Marie, that it is difficult to see God as being an unchanging God throughout the Bible-- especially if Jesus is also considered God. I know I have a hard time when people talk about how loving their God is, but they believe God lets most of humanity live in eternal torment. I wish I could give more helpful advice or something, but just know you aren't alone in these struggles.

geo said...

Checkout the talks here

I promise the freedom in them is what your heart has searched for