Friday, April 6, 2007


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I was just watching the news and there was report of a recent study soon to be released about global warming--the study confirms that global warming is real and that it is mainly a result of human activity. This is not a post about global warming, but seeing that report made me think of something.

I wonder why do so many conservative christians refuse to believe in global warming? It seems interesting that on the issue of global warming, cons christians demand proof from science about global warming and won't believe it until there is no more room for doubt--but with Christianity--or religion-- it is the opposite...they cannot fathom why someone else would need scientific evidence in order to believe.


agnosis said...

One reason for this strange phenomenon is because American christianity has become an anti-intellectual political organization that is almost as equally split politically as congress itself. "Conservatives" tend to be Rep and "Liberals" tend to be Dem. Christianity has become a political ideology and has lost its own "soul".

Ed Lynam said...

I agree, and would also point out that the alliance between leaders of the fundamentalist Christian groups in the US and the corporation friendly Republican economic conservatives is a big part of the process. The fundies basically play lip service to the corporate message to their followers who are primed to accept what is preached without thinking for themselves. This is the antithesis of what I see the true message of Christianity is. Jesus' purpose is to get us to repent and seek a new mind and heart through God, not some human messenger. Science is a great way to learn and get a new mind, but obviously shows its limitation regarding more moral choices. For example, there ought be a strong Christian environmentalism movement, based on the clear teachings of man's stewardship vis-a-vis nature. Even more so than the secularist. After all, who is to say that drastic climate change might not improve the chance for survival of man? After all, it was Ice Ages in the past that made such a negative effect on the populations of hominids.

Ron said...

I found your blog from the jumpingfromconclusions. I see that "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins is one of your favorite books. Since you claim to be seeking after truth I thought that you might enjoy this critique of it by the noted analytic philosopher Alvin Plantinga:

Some of your recent posts. I think it would be more profitable to not focus on the negative and look more to the positive. Sure, there is a lots of messed up Christians that but that is true of all people. In the end all that negative thinking hurts you more than it hurts them.

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21

Ron said...

Btw, I my political position is that we ought to reduce our dependance on oil and coal which produces much of our CO2 emissions.

exapologist said...

I remember when I was a young christian, reading Francis Schaeffer's apologetic works. One of the true things he said was that, just about without fail, the church is the last group of people to learn a truth -- academia learns it, then culture, then theologians...then, finally and belatedly, the church body.

How true.

The global warming issue is a nice contemporary illustration of Schaeffer's penetrating insight here.

agnosis said...

What I think is too ironic is that Richard Cizik, the new pro environment/gloal warming president of the NAE, has been blasted by such fundie reps as James Dobson (Focus on the Family). This further illustrates Ed and EA's points about how far behind the church typically is.

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