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wow. I just discovered this Swedish photographer who is an amazing human being. He is a war photographer and he has been working in war zones all over the world since 1988. His name is Peter Strandberg. OMG--he has an up-close photo of Charles Taylor in 1994! Taylor was rebel leader of the rebel group NPFL in Liberia and became President in 97--he is responsible for terribly bloody civil wars in both Liberia AND Sierra Leone. (He supported the RUF rebels in Sierra Leone whose weapons and work were paid for by--YES. Diamonds)
Charles Taylor is in the photo below.

what an amazing life this man leads--He travels into the most dangerous areas, many times on the "front lines" of the most brutal conflicts in the world. His photographer friend, Martin Adler was killed last year working in Mogadishu. It is amazing how much I take for granted being here. I have such the luxury to sit here and type on a computer musing away about God and such. Not to discount the search for truth--but it truly is a luxury. I was reading about the most recent Iraq bombings this morning and it is amazing how people all over the world have to wake up wondering if the bomb today will fall on their house, in their shop, on their children.

I recommend the movie "War Photographer." It is about a different photographer named James Nachtwey who produces the MOST beautifully haunting photos. Here are some...

I wish I thought it was enough to just be aware.




HeIsSailing said...

Yes, I have seen some of these photos before, I think in Time Magazine. I cannot imagine the horrors in some parts of the world.

If there is anything that I am thankful to God for, it is that I have the freedom that I have. I have the freedom and the luxury to question and doubt him. I used to feel guilt over such luxery, but there are more problems in this world than I will ever be able to solve. The best I can do is just to take advantage of my freedoms to try and make the world around me a better place.

marie said...

Hey HIS (mind if I abbreviate?),

Yeah, Nachtwey has been in magazines, the photo of the male's face accompanied a terrific article by Samantha Power in Time Magazine about the genocide in darfur. It is a shame--that article was published in the summer or fall of 2004 and we are no nearer to a solution now--and she was complaining of a lag in the administration and other actors then! I agree that these problems are more than we can ever solve; however, I think that if God exists, when we get to Heaven he won't tally up the total good we did--rather he will weigh our sacrifice and committment in proportion to the suffering in the world. So even though they are HUGE problems, they could be solved (or at least many of them, I believe)if we really made a sacrifice here in the "west."

It is hard to realize that much of our "luxury" was built on the backs of slaves and paid for by the blood of millions. (I am having trouble seeing that my freedom is a gift from God because it was due to so much suffering--that may be a product of my current spiritual state)

thanks for the post!

marie said...

The Samantha Power article can be found at


HeIsSailing (HIS) said...

Of course you are right. Our freedoms comes from the backs and labor of much struggle and suffering from strong and noble men, and from much suffering from the backs of slavery and the abused. Thank you for bringing back that true perspective. But you can tell from my language that I still have some faith in God - I don't know what will ultimately happen to that, but it is what it is.

jesusisforlosers said...

"I wish I thought it was enough to just be aware"

...this makes me sad, makes my heart hurt that it's how i feel.

thanks you for your comment, i will let you know how it goes, i have not been able to go yet, but i am trying.

have you listened to holcombe waller, i think you might like him!