Thursday, March 1, 2007

good reading

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I just read this post and the discussion that followed in the comments--very is about the science of the world's origins and whether or not it is valuable, and why or why not--debate between agnostic and christian views____

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Ed Lynam said...

Here's an adage I've developed in evaluating people: He who has found a God he completely understands, has created his own God. He who cannot find a God has made himself one.

I was raised by atheist/agnostic parents, have been a Protestant for 25 years, and I find the evidence supporting evolutionary theory stronger than that supporting Christianity. But, I am well over 99% certain that both are true. It is remarkable the degree of emotion found in these linked posts, from both sides of the debate. One should be cautious in evaluating from an emotional standpoint.

exapologist said...

I agree that theism and evolutionary biology are compatible.