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Debunking Christianity: What if I’m wrong about Christianity?


Ed Lynam said...

Here is a concept of "hell" very different from the traditional Catholic or Protestant version: . Origen and Gregory of Nyassa were very mainstream in their day. Gregory helped write the Nicene Creed. Interesting that just as the church degenerated into the Dark Ages Roman Catholic version, the leaders abandoned this teaching. To be honest, I was always very troubled about exactly what Loftus concludes in his entry, it is unjust in my mind to punish anyone for eternity. I tend to think of hell now as a restorative process, best avoided, but demonstrating grace and mercy and love ultimately.

Another interesting experience is on this site, and the fellow has written a book describing his experience: . I find near death experiences intriguing, since I've personally known two people that had them. In my friend Linda's experience, she encountered her father in the hereafter. She was very surprised. When she was revived, she told her husband about the experience, saying it seemed much more real that a dream, but it couldn't have been heaven since she saw her father. Her husband turned pale, as while she was in the coma, he had received news of the unexpected death of her father. Linda is a very spiritual, but unassuming, person, very kind and loving.

Kevin Parry said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Your blog looks interesting! I've added it to my RSS reader.

All the best

Memoirs of an ex-Christian

John W. Loftus said...

Thanks for commenting on our Blog as well!

marie said...

Thanks Ed, i will look at that stuff will be interesting to read about those variations in the concept of Hell. There is an interesting comment-debate going on at Debunking Christianity about Hell too...

Kevin and John:

I am honored to post on your blogs and that you posted on mine!

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