Friday, March 2, 2007


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Does "faith like a child" mean you believe whatever your elders tell you without the capacity or power to investigate it for yourself--and a limited, sheltered worldview without exposure to the greater world and possibilities that rest just outside your little yard, town?

I don't mean to say that christians are all like this--i know there are a lot who have investigated it--but I was just reading something that mentioned "faith like a child" and I realized that it could take on new--and scary meaning.


HeIsSailing said...

Marie, I have always thought that when Jesus said that, he was not saying be believe with no intellectual capacity - I think that is the furthest thing from his mind. I think he meant to trust in God as a child trust their Daddy. A child who has a loving Daddy will follow him unquestioningly to the ends of the earth, because the child loves their daddy and trusts him. I still think that is what Jesus was saying to his followers.
Your pictures are moving. Such contrasts when placed next to your hymn. I do want a loving Father to care for the many hurting in this world. I really do.

marie said...

Thanks heissailing

I thought that too--about faith like a child--and I think it makes sense and that people mean it that way. The other definition I pose is one that I feel is taking on more realistic properties as I talk to christians about this time of challenging faith. They want us to accept it with little or no questioning

I am with you on that last part

Agnosis said...


That statement as found in the context of Matthew's gospel has nothing to do with cognitive assesment of theological propositions. That text has been used as a scapegoat for the anti-intellectualism so deathly rampant in current evangelicalism. If you read it in its broader context Jesus was talking about how a child perceives herself in relation to her peers. It was a rebuke to the disciples who were concerned about their social status in the new kingdom. They were worried about who would be first. Jesus said come in like a child, not worrying about that stuff. Kids typically don't, social politics is a necessary evil of adults. Look up the verse in Matthew and read the surrounding stories, especially the very next statement Jesus makes. Context is everything.