Friday, March 2, 2007


3:17 PM Posted by: M., 2 comments

I think I need to cool down for a bit. Take some time to organize my thoughts. I am getting more information and reading more than I am able to process.


Andrew said...

Nice blog. I was listening to a podcast this evening, and when I was reading your personal description, it struck a chord. The gentleman in the podcast puts forth that much of Christianity today is merely an idolotry. We have come to worship our own religion so much, that we can no longer see God in anyone else. Here is the link:

Enjoy the journey!

Agnosis said...

Save your mind, and your sanity. Take your time and process your thoughts carefully. Contemplation is a lost art in our society. The philosopher Martin Heidegger wrote an excellent essay called Discourse on Thinking about the difference between computational versus contemplative thinking. All that to say take your time and contemplate.