Wednesday, March 21, 2007

been busy

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sorry for not posting in a while. (i always feel weird presuming that people are interested in reading this) But anyway, I went on such a good trip with my best friend to the mountains north of San Francisco over the weekend and now have been busy with work and other dealings. Also, I picked up a book and just finished it that had nothing really to do with christianity, so my brain has not been really tuned in lately. I think it is good to have this break, but I want to start back on my spiritual way soon.


here are some photos from the trip. We went to Point Reyes and hiked to the lighthouse there and Alamere Falls. I am telling you this because I totally recommend going there. Also, we spent St. Patrick's Day evening at this place called Vladimir's which is a Czech bar in Iverness, CA (I think)--and I recommend that totally. There is a hostel in Point Reyes that is $18/night so you can go cheap.


HeIsSailing said...

Wow, it surely looks beautiful up there. I have never visited the area, but it looks great and I enjoy hiking and exploring. A good break is always needed, especially when dealing with the heavy issues that we have been. Do whatever is best for yourself!

Bobo B'nai said...

Just glad to see you haven't fallen off the planet :-)

Peace, BC

Bobo B'nai said...

Just glad to see you haven't fallen off the planet :-)

Peace, BC

JumpingFromConclusions said...

Glad you're back! I need to take a break too, if not from blogging, at least from constantly thinking/worrying about these deep issues.

I have been so wrapped up in these issues the last few weeks; so far I've spent most of my spring break reading about all this stuff inside on the Internet instead of just kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying my time off.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading your posts now that you're back. But don't rush back and don't forget to simply enjoy life sometimes :) -- I know I forget to do that from time to time.

Becky said...

the pictures are very beautiful. I am glad you had a nice trip.