Tuesday, February 13, 2007

un cafe trop noir

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I was offered a position to serve at the church I go to. But I turned it down because I am not a believer I don't think--at least the way that the church is. I really like the church--which is why I keep going. But as a result of telling the pastor I am not interested, I am going out to coffee with one of the leaders tomorrow and I am kind of apprehensive--I am so confused right now that I know I will just be bumbling over my words trying to explain why at this time I am experiencing more than doubts, more than questions...but how can I explain that without sounding dumb? I am worried I wont be taken seriously or something--but then again, who cares? This is more than a phase, more than a situation where I can just "come to my senses and come back to Jesus" or be brainwashed...

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