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This is an exchange between myself and this man named Francois Davel who writes a blog called Bible something--I lost the address of it. my questions aren't good, but I think his answers are interesting nonetheless. I kind of feel like there is no real substance to these answers, but that is probably because I am not looking for it or something. He has a good heart but I don't really think I learned much. What a nice soul, though.

Hi Marie,

I will briefly answer your questions - I can expand it and will answer any further questions. For easy reference will I do it in a Q&A format:

I am wondering where your ideas about the Bible come from?
I became a born again (evangelical) Christian 30 years ago, and have a personal relationship with the living God ever since.

It is clear you believe in the inerrancy of scripture, but why?
I fundamentally believe the Bible is the living Word of God Almighty - as such is He using it to get His message across to His children (and the world). I'm convinced that "errors" occurred in the texts and translations throughout time, but God stayed in control and it is still His living Word.

And why do you think we shouldn't pay attention to how the Bible was written in "former times?"
I think it can be useful to pay attention to how the Bible was written in "former times". The point I tried to make was that we must read the Bible to experience God communicating with us where we are - in our context and situation. I think many Christians (and other people) are so busy with study, science and lessons that we miss the personal relationship that God desires with each of us. There is further no doubt in my mind that faith (to believe like a child - Luke 18:16) is often missing in our search for God.

Isn't that how people have used the Bible to say that slavery was good, apartheid was justified, etc?
Sadly, many people throughout the ages has (mis)used the Bible to justify many horrible things. That just increases our responsibility as Christians. We must seek God in the Bible and not justification for our own views.

I don't want to sound snotty, I am really seriously curious as to why you believe these things about the Bible so strongly. And forgive me if you have posted that on your blog, I haven't read enough yet...

I must say I did not think you were "snotty". I believe questions are "very good" even if we differ completely, because through discourse we can gain better understanding.
I believe these things so strongly because God is a living reality in my life, and through my relationship with Him I know that these things are real and true.
I did not post these kind of things on the blog, because I try to keep the blog focussed on the promises in the Bible.

I trust I answered your questions. Please feel free to reply / ask more questions etc.
I truly pray that you will experience the almighty, living God in your live.
God Bless!
Francois Davel

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