Tuesday, February 13, 2007


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I read this comment from an anonymous person...

Maybe you shouldnt get so hung up on finding things you dont like in the Bible and start forming a personal relationship with God. No Christian understands everything in the Bible or about Christianity, but it isnt for us to grasp the whole thing here on this earth. The point is this: Jesus Christ came to this earth to save you (and me) from our sins. He died and rose again on the third day. He is coming back to rule and reign and His followers will rule with Him. It is a faith issue not a sight (or insight) issue. Its okay to dislike some of the churches that you visit or the attitude of some of the church members - they are not God - they may not even act like God. We have to repent of our sins, turn from them and live for Jesus in the short time we have left. It is so important not to get caught up in religion - religion is nothing - relationship with Jesus is everything. Look to Him only and let the rest of your doubts go. Check this out www.rapturealert.com. Jesus is coming soon.

It is interesting to me that we say we "know" these things--like that Jesus lived and died for our sins and he is risen and is going to come back and judge everyone...etc. etc--but HOW HOW HOW do we know that? That is my biggest question. And the responses I get are like, "Your relationship with Christ will lead you..." or "the Holy Spirit will Guide You..." or "The Bible is God's word and he instructs us..." BUT seriously, how do they know that is true? You just feel it? Sorry, that is bullshit--If I spent an hour a day and every sunday morning reflecting on the fact that a giant invisible Pig pulls my body on a rope everywhere--I would probably believe that too--just because you reflect on something all the time, doesn't make it true--I kind of feel like it might make it seem a lot less likely to be true. i don't know i guess


Dave Lynch said...

Whoa cool, you believe the giant pulling pig thing as well, man that porker's had me going for years now.

Point of note...the bible is not God's word, Jesus is God's word.

How do we know these things...we don't, (thats what faith is about I guess), the Kingdom of God is a mystery, but still Jesus is pretty clear about it.

Feelings do not prove the existence of God, all religions have experiences.

Liked your post over at Rock in the Grass by the way.


Bobo B'nai said...

This morning I had made a serious plumbing repair, one that, if not done properly, would have made a big mess. As I was going back to turn on the water main, I felt I should go back and check my work one last time. Good thing, too, as the valve I replaced was fully open, a horrific mess in the waiting. Now, I could chalk it up to intuition or God's still small voice guiding me through even the most eternally meaningless of tasks.

You're asking for a description of the joy of riding a bicycle from someone who rides one without the willingness to risk injury by actually doing it yourself.

From what I've read of your blog thus far, I would venture to say that He's tugging at your heart big time, that you're currently enjoying whatever it is you want to keep on in enough to try to find a reason not to listen. If it wasn't at least partially true, there would be no reason for you to continue to go to church.

Take it from someone who knows...you don't want to stop hearing His call and it will only get fainter as time goes on. You'll never be happy anywhere else but under His wing and you'll never be happy with any other Saviour but the One He's already provided for you. You will never "know" anything until you trust in Him first.

exapologist said...
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exapologist said...

Time elapsed since the Lord was reported to have promised to "come quickly": roughly twenty centuries and counting.

marie said...
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marie said...

OH! And Exapologist (do you want me to not use your name? it is not on your blog)--thanks for the comment!

I went to Barnes N Noble to get the book you recommended to me, but they had to order it so I am going to check out the library. The lady must have thought I was pretty interesting because she read the title back to me really loudly: JESUS: APOCALYPTIC PROPHET OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM?

Becky said...


I just found your blog, and I enjoyed your musings. I was wondering what did you mean by a giant pig pulling you on some rope? I am just curious.


marie said...

I was just saying that in my experience, I feel that Christianity feels real because we meditate on it so much...but that doesn't mean that it is true--so I could meditate on something totally seemingly absurd and believe it too...it was a really bad analogy, but I wasn't trying to form an argument, my brain was just spilling...

welcome Becky!

Becky said...

Thank you...

I'll be back.