Monday, February 12, 2007

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OMG. Tonight I was eating dinner with my parents and my mom was talking about this new guy who works with her now. She said that he talked about how he moved here because his girlfriend lives here...and seriously the next and only thing she said was, "Now, I am not sure, but they may be--um, living together. I am not sure, but he said 'we' a lot." That's it. No more about him, his name, where he moved from, if he is nice or not--just that simple comment. (Oh--and you should know, that in my mom and a lot of moms' brains, living together before marriage is a really big sin--second only to being gay or getting an abortion)

Why do we care?? It is like we have Barbie arms that can't bend at the elbows and we just feed each other poison without ever thinking we are bad. That Barbie arms illustration was bad, but it makes sense in my brain. We think we are so smart in the 21st century and we know ALL the truth in the world and we have the perfected Bible to teach us everything and we have our entire lives orchestrated perfectly, therefore, we are entitled to whittle away all our waking hours by airing our disapprovals about everyone else on the earth. It's like, "I don't care about you as a human. But I still am interested in how bad of a person you are..." or something.

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