Saturday, February 17, 2007

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I wish I knew how to illustrate how I am feeling in really intellectual manner with knowledge and examples of really complicated theory and religious/metaphysical study. I really do, because I really like to read that stuff. But I am realizing that my knowledge of "my religion" (christianity) was so intellectually nutrient-poor. I attended church for roughly 20 years uninterrupted, and sporadically for the last two. Attending every week, sometimes in between, and even going to "big church." But all I learned is what they taught, and what they taught seems to have come from some common pool of sermon themes that all these churches choose from. For example, I have repeatedly, repeatedly learned about the following and not much else...

1. Jesus's miracles
2. Zaccheus
3. Noah
4. Moses and Pharoah
5. Job
6. Ruth
7. The Beattitudes
8. The Vine and the Branches
9. my pastor's road rage

...there is more, but I am blanking on it--I guess I never really paid attention. But the thing is, I have learned about the same things over and over from the Bible and not about the general "pursuit of truth" and other more general topics that can be examined outside of the religious now I am trying to educate myself more somehow...please bear with me

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agnosis said...

Unfortunately your condition is an epidemic in the American church. Self education is one of the fews means available of freeing yourself from the mindtrap of accepted intellectual deficiency in such circles. I'm sure many (myself included) would be more than willing to offer advice as to literature and resources for just such a journey. Your efforts will not go unrewarded, and you won't have to wait for the end of the world to receive the benefits either.