Monday, February 12, 2007

I think I really like the word "asshole" a lot

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The problem with assholes

the problem with assholes is not so much that they are assholes by choice but because they are assholes and don't really understand the implication a dry asshole really has.let me explain.There are very VERY few christians in this world. VERY few. I hope everyone realizes this. Christianity is truly a fringe out-there philosophy only for people willing to accept ACTUAL sacrifice as a real way to live. Most people do not accept this. Though they recognize the power of sacrifice, they do not understand it, and sometimes secretly mock it with their friends even if they are instilled with fear from the Holy Spirit. These types don't really deserve salvation, but who really does?

Thank God he is more patient than I am. As far as I'm concerned, I'm surrounded by a bunch of friggin' weirdos. Give 'em the time of day and they will spin you in circles talking about their "philosophy" that only spirals into their own wacked out self-indulgence in the end. It's all a rationalization of why they are fucked up at the core. We're all fucked up at the core, however, true Christians do not pretend to apologize or rationalize why they are sinners. They just ADMIT it. Christians admit that they cannot understand it all. this does not mean they don't recognize that people are smart and perty cool.

Don't get me wrong. I like "us" and all. I just don't trust us. Nor do I think we'll ever figure out much beyond the Milky Way. And if our great great grand kids do, who gives a flying fuck. My bones are almost dust again. Who gives a flying fuck??? that's why I laugh at most excited scientists. Their work is in vain. I'd rather watch kids interact at a playground. That is the real spice of life. (no pedophilia here bare with me)

Kids are the most intelligent creative innocent beings alive. I literally look up to kids. I don't look at kids and think "awww how cute", I think, "wow, amazing God's creation before it's all fucked up! how beautiful and raw. what genius!" I constantly look to kids for wisdom and ideas. The thoughts and ideas of grown men are mildly impressive to say the least. and, most of us grown-ups are assholes.

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