Friday, February 23, 2007

Rush is

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I listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Brian Sussman a lot for a few reasons--The radio in my bedroom really only comes in clear on "HOT TALK" 560AM, and also I am enormously, incredibly entertained by the crazy stuff they say. I am not trying to be political here because I am not like a big liberal or anything--but if you just listen to their radio programs, they come up with really funny claims. Obviously the biggest thing right now in conservative talk radio is global warming. Oh my goodness do these radio personalities hate it. I swear that 2/3 of the stuff that comes out of Rush Limbaugh's mouth is about how global warming is fake and how he loves to ruin the environment. And then old men call in and say how they hate people who use halogen light bulbs or who like to cut down on their gas or electric usage. It is so funny because Rush Limbaugh's "proof" against global warming for the past two weeks has been the cold weather in the midwest and east coast. He kept being like, "now, these jokers talk about global warming, but it is -5 degrees in Sandusky!" And he repeated this defense more times than I can even venture to guess. He makes fun of anyone who even wants to try to use less energy and gas, and today he swore that he would NEVER ride in a hybrid-car.
I just don't get why people can be so rabidly against reducing energy usage? I don't see the harm. I just do not understand the big commotion--I totally understand that Rush Limbaugh and company think that the issue has been hijacked by the Democrats to dupe people into voting for them out of fear--I get that they think that...but I don't get why they are just like all into polluting. You should listen to his show, it is funny.

Christians too a lot of times don't think it is necessary to be responsible with the environment. My dad totally doesn't think you should worry about caring for it, and my mom thinks that "being a good steward of the earth" is about keeping your clothes ironed and hems clean. I mean, it is the EARTH! Why do we think (1) resources wont run out or (2) God will come back and so we dont have to preserve the planet. I mean, if you believe God made the earth--it seems to me like he would want us to make a little effort not to like totally fuck it all up.

this was a really disorganized post because my brain is clouded with work and legal forms and stuff. but i dont know, this global warming stuff is kind of bugging.

I wanted to share the photo below because I googled "Rush Limbaugh" in google images, and I found this photo with the caption..."It's Rush Limbaugh on a bun"


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