Tuesday, February 13, 2007

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I am just curious how much time and money go into the making of all those, "edgy," "cool," graphics that youth pastors make for their youth group. I was looking at the myspace page for this college group I went to a couple of years ago and they had all these (and way more but i am too lazy to post them...)

I am just curious. It is kind of sad to me. I tried to go regularly to that group for about a year--but then I had to leave. The students for some reason were not at all interested in talking to me, although I would sit and try to talk with them about whatever they were interested in. Then, this one girl was repeatedly rude to my face--and at an event I overheard her make a really rude comment about me to another girl and a LEADER and the leader didn't say shit. So I got up from the bench and walked away from that group forever. Just what the fuck is church for if it isn't for the people who come and aren't already a part of the "core?" What is the point?? To make fancyass fliers and videos, creative mission statements and come up with incredibly unfunny little anecdotes about how pastors have road rage? go out to eat at chili's every week? I might have responded wrong to that college group, maybe I should have sucked it up and kept going and tried to reach out to the people who were obviously not interested in me, but seriously--I wish that the pastor and his leaders would have spent a little less time on the "program" and more time on the HUMAN BEINGS around them. I hope for their sake that those stupid graphics get a place next to them in Heaven.

but I guess I waste a lot of my time too.


Bobo B'nai said...

Sorry to hear that. I was a youth pastor 'til the board chose not to renew my contract----wasn't entertaining enough. Reading your story, I'm reminded of another youth group attendee at about the same time I was a youth pastor. Shunned by the students and all but ignored by the leadership, Brian Warner finally had enough after three months and used that anger to become who he is today. You might know him better as Marilyn Manson. I understand your anger and hope better things for you. Peace, BC

marie said...

wasn't entertaining enough?! that's bunk. Can you elaborate more on how they said that to you? I think we underestimate youth so much--like we try to entertain them to keep them from asking questions until we can dump them off to college where they get drunk and high and then just come back to God later when they are too tired to party anymore.

I guess an alternative would be to discuss REAL ISSUES (not just, "Why does God let bad things happen to good people?" or "Why can't I hear God's voice?")--issues like real Biblical history, existential, open-minded questioning--and just have the group grow in critical thinking or something. But that is my pipe dream because as a kid I really didn't give a shit about any of that stuff--but maybe, just maybe...

thanks a lot for all the comments, BC.

talk to you soon,

Bobo B'nai said...

Matter of fact, teaching real issues is what got me removed. I've always believed my first responsibility was to teach the Bible as a real book that told of a real God who dealt with real people in real life. When a 14 year old is crying their eyes out over a friend they lost to a car crash, the last thing they want or need is a trip to the amusement park.

I did try the entertainment part for a season, too. I forked over about $12K into a mobile Christian DJ thing. Learned that the Christian Music Industry gets two out of three right---it is music and it is an industry but it's far from Christian. Lost everything in that deal, including my house. Took me a while to get over all that, hence the name of my blog---roadwearyexpastor.

Now I teach a Bible study at home and my beloved does her best to keep me from running into a local church, foaming at the mouth and biting the pastor on the ankle.

Peace, BC