Wednesday, January 10, 2007

YOU can burn in Hell so I can have paradise, K?

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It is amazing that so many people believe in God. sometimes I think that it is absurd not to believe in a God, but now I am realizing that it is pretty crazy to believe in God. I think sometimes we believe in God because it is already totally explained to us (or so we think) and we can just accept it and then move on to live our lives focused on things of momentary value. But really, have we really scoured the possibilities? have we tried to look at other options or even just sat and dreamed about how complex everything could be even without a god to create it? I used to think that we humans don't have the capacity to understand everything that exists, and that that meant that God could and does exist--but maybe we still don't have the capacity to understand everything that exists and that reality is totally not God? I don't know obviously...but we just attribute so much to God and put off being nice, real, interactive, interesting, exploratory human beings because somehow God is going to like bring us to paradise later so now we can exploit others, get fat, and have shallow relationships because God will make it all better in the end. i tend to think that is really fucking dumb.

sometimes i think that whoever made up the myth of christianity was so clever because we are totally controlled by it... we believe it regardless of alternative facts, we defend it by killing other people, we pledge to follow it all the time and do all these rituals to keep up with it, and most importantly--we are too afraid of being damned to Hell to even try to explore other possibilities! it is the smartest, most clever mind-control scheme ever created...or is it? The Bible and God could just all be totally true----- i just don't know and i can't buy faith

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