Tuesday, January 2, 2007

more on Left Behind video game

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Is "preparing" for the apocalypse to be done alone in a dark bedroom virtually killing infidels? or maybe living on earth in non-judgemental relational communion? i dont know--i dont at all believe in all the Left Behind stuff

Are Christians better because we leave our converting and killing of infidels to nintendo? It seems to me that Osama bin Laden kind of was doing the same thing only real--and our retaliation is to attack and kill him but are we much better in still seeking what he sought--but only through virtual reality? If a muslim group created a game trying to convert Christians to Islam with physical violence in it, I bet we would petition George Bush to do something and the CIA would be all over it.

And just reading the comments to these videos on YouTube, I've seen how people are offended by this game and making generalizations about Christians, God and Jesus. Wow, are we too fucking lazy and scared to try to help REAL, LIVING people in need so we decide to "save" them while sitting on our lardasses? shit

Maybe instead of making this game to be an alternative to others, we could stop our kids from playing video games. whatever happened to kids playing outside and making up games and reading books and calling on their friends? no wonder we're so damn fat and anti-social.

IN all this, who knows how violent the end may be? who knows if God will like come back or not in the way we imagine it--who knows if people will disappear and it will be totally bloody and scary and violent? maybe it will be, maybe not. I'm aware that there was violence in the past in the Bible (dont get me started on the Bible)and that this video game uses violence in "self-defense" apparently, but STILL--should we be spending the money God gives and the time we have to be interacting with people by filling our head with adversarial problem-solving? for me--no.

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