Monday, January 29, 2007

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It is scary to think how culty American Christianity can be. we start indoctrinating children when they are like in kindergarten and then continue on trying to convince them that they need to fill "voids" in their lives with God. And then they go off to college and fuck it and get drunk and high and then maybe repent a few years later and then raise some kids and die. That may be too simple. but who cares. no one reads this anyway. But what I mean is that Christianity is preached in a way from the beginning that discourages open discussion and wonder and real, honest questioning. It is all qualified by saying "doubts make you stronger" or shit like that, but in reality--they don't want you to question anything.

I know because my parents and church raised me like that. You learn what is right and it all is justified by the Bible, and to question the Bible is wrong and damning and all that. It is so crazy. To this day I am frightened that my parents would read this blog because they would immediately start a campaign to "save" me and probably try to ship me off to a Christian healing center in Iowa even though I am 22 and could just leave anyway. But seriously, there is no room for question. You are taught the right songs to sing, the right words to say, the right events to go to, the right people to hang around, the right books to read, etc. And there is such an "us vs. them" mentality that is a thread through it all with Christians and non-Christians.

Just look at that--we are taught to categorize people as only one of two things: Christians or non-Christians. (And it is obvious that Catholics fall into the non-Christian group). So we immediately look at others as "lacking" something, presumably of their own selfish accord and we just have to try and "save" them and if they resist, we just judge and condemn them. It is all so fucking mental. There is more to write but I just cannot write it now.


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