Sunday, January 7, 2007

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from a comment on "exapologist"

"Gods are handy explanations for things. They completely circumvent the need for the work of discovery. They stand outside of the universe, have tremendous power, and don't have to act within the same physical constructs that we do. They can be used to explain anything we want them to. Why did the teens die in the car crash? God had a reason. Why did one teen in the car survive? God chose to save that one. Why is the sky blue? God made it that way. How did the universe get here? God somehow used his god-power and made it in some godish way that we don't understand. It is a very handy "explanation," no? Maybe too handy?

I prefer to say, "I don't know." Maybe a god did make it all. Maybe our universe exists inside another universe and was created by a powerful fart from a pig-like creature in that universe. I don't know."

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