Sunday, January 7, 2007

for now

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I am trying to read a lot now about how certain people have de-converted from Christianity. Not that I want to do that, but I really just need to broaden my view on faith itself, and not necessarily from within faith alone. In doing this, I have come across both arguments coming from a rejection of God and christianity in that the de-converted are sick and tired of the christian culture and they have found the absurdity of western religiosity and fundamental belief systems and their effect manifested in the actions of people around the globe. As well, there are people who have rejected Christianity as the result of a more academic exploration into the reasoning behind the existence of God and creation and the essential likelihood of an indisputible God presence...

I am familiar with discontent in relation to the christian church in the world and the seemingly proactive abuse of scripture, materialism, and god-powers that occur continuously, but i am really just a negative novice in the more intellectual realms. This brings me to say that I am now trying to open my mind to some secular science dealing with the potentiality of God's existence. That is not to reject God or allow myself be persuaded into accepting such ideas, but to broaden my view of not only the possibilities and impossibilities of God, but to broaden my view of ALL existences and ALL possibilities and ALL potential that is either ignored largely by our culture as a whole or seemingly out of reach to our brains.

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