Tuesday, January 2, 2007

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This Left Behind video game brings up another subject to me. It makes me realize just how much we Christians seek to make Christianity just like the mainstream culture so we almost disappear in it. I think that is wrong. a hypothetical here to compare two people I made up...

1. "JOAN"

likes: dogs, reality TV, expensive jewelry, Katie Couric, Mariah Carey, and Deal or No Deal.

schedule: works 40 hrs. goes to church on Sunday

religion: Christian

volunteers/serves: maybe 1 hr/ month.

2. "JEAN"

likes: dogs, reality TV, expensive jewelry, Katie Couric, Mariah Carey and Deal or No Deal

schedule: works 40 hrs. sleeps in on Sunday

religion: none

volunteers/serves: maybe 1 hr/month.

OKay-- this is WAY simplified and that I am not saying any of these two women's characteristics, likes or anything are wrong or bad or even negative in any way. I am not putting a value judgement here. All I want to do is show that really the only thing that is different in these two peoples' lives is that one is the Christian, the other not. Now, it seems that in order for JEAN to really see that Christitianity changes JOAN, JOAN has to interact with her, and share her experience and LIVE DIFFERENTLY. On the surface, Christianity is different just like someone's favorite color is different.

I read this book called the Call to Conversion by Jim Wallis. And in it, he wonders aloud how different the world would be if all Christians totally WERE different. LIke what if we all TOTALLY relied on God so that we weren't materialistic, we purposefully ignored popular culture, we served the poor and needy CONSTANTLY, we never complained and we were always OPEN to helping people and serving---what would the world do if we were so different and attributed that difference to God? And we exhibited the real character of God that should be desired by people? what if all of the sudden ALL christians in the world were just united in love and piety? what if, huh

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